What is BOTA?


The Belgian Orthopaedic Trauma Association (BOTA) is the national lead partner for medical doctors with a special interest in the musculoskeletal trauma-care.

The Belgian Orthopaedic Trauma Association has been founded in the summer of 1990. The founders were René Verdonk (Gent), Peter Reynders (Leuven) and Jan Vanmelkebeek (Antwerpen). During the next years our organisation enlarged under the presidency of Pierre Opdecam (Brussel), William de Groote (Brugge), René Verdonk (Gent), Piet Reynders (Leuven-Bruxelles), Guy Putzeys (Kortrijk), Olivier Cornu (Brussels) and Gerrit De Wachter (Hasselt).

The current president is W. Vandesande and vice-president is F. Carlier.

Our purpose is still promotion of an evidenced based treatment plan for orthopaedic trauma. Every year we organise a national congres but we also organise casuistic meeting where every-one can present there ‘case-reports’ with a peer review. These case-reports can be very interesting, also for residents.

The need to position the orthopaedic trauma surgeon as a major partner of the trauma care has pushed our Society to become in 2016 an institutional member of the European Society of Trauma and Emergency (ESTES).

President and vice-president

President: W. Vandesande
Vice-President: F. Carlier
Past President: D. Putineanu

BOTA board

Secretary: Christophe Marchal
Treasurer: Christophe Marchal
ESTES - IOTA Liason: Guy Putzeys
BTRI vice president: Guy Putzeys
Communication officer: J. Van Meirhaeghe

Board members

Gerrit De Wachter
Dan Putineanu
Olivier Cornu
Christophe Marchal
Ionut Caracudovici
Wim Vandesande
Thierry De Baets
De Weerdt Wim
Heinz Hulsman
Ben Molenaers
Maike Reul
Tatiana Charles
François Carlier
Marno Vanlieshout
Marc Jayankura
Guy Putzeys
Olivier De Valkeneer
J. Van Meirhaeghe
Herteleer Michael

Honorary board members

Eric De Groof
Piet Reynders
Frederic Schuind

Registered Office

B.O.T.A. vzw
Edgar Tinellaan 18
2900 Schoten

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